Clinical trial of medical devices
Drug Clinical Trial
Clinical Trial of Cell Treatment
Full communication with the reviewer
Deep cooperation with mass PIs
Clinical information sample library of major diseases
Mature management system through 20 years’ accumulation
Smooth communication channel with the check experts

● 30+ successful project experience ● Successful application for clinical device approval ● Communicate well with reviewers ● 20 years of accumulated mature management system
The first one to successfully obtain the cell treatment approval document Umbilical Cord Blood Macrophage in the industry
Experience in 20+ successful projects
Smooth communication with PI and reviewer
Mature management system through 20 years’ accumulation
Rightest medical resources and clinical trial experience in the stroke field
Research and development of drugs and medical devices involving internal medicine and surgery in the cardiovascular field

Cooperative CRO of research and development of new bio-pharmaceutical materials and biological preparations

CRO Company of research and development of traditional Chinese medicine


? Clinical research on 150+ drugs
? Clinical research on 100+ medical devices
? Participate in CHANCE Research initiated by Professor Wang Yongjun from Beijing Tiantan Hospital during the whole course
? Be responsible for the first international multicenter clinical research initiated by the Chinese hospital