? Clinical researches on more than 220 drugs (*including 15 category I novel drugs)
? More than 180 clinical researches on medical instruments (* involving 21 professional fields, such as heart stent, intracranial stent, orthopedics, plastic surgery, dialysis products, organ transplantation, etc)

? We have undertaken projects of Ministry of Science and Technology and State Science Commission successively for many years, as well as the 10th, 11th and 12th five-year plan. We have been engaged in quality control on exploitation platform of vital novel drugs, and in the establishment of sample library of critical diseases.

? We are the first company undertaking the exploitation research initiated by Science Commission and audited by the independent 3rd party

? We have participated in the whole process of CHANCE research initiated by Professor Wang Yongjun from subject declaration to its publication on New England Journal of Medicine, which changed the global treatment guideline for cerebral apoplexy.

? Clinical trial of Aildenafil 2016 passed successfully 7.22 audit and CDE review

? We are the only CRO who have been responsible for independent third-party quality control and for administration of resource base of clinical information and samples of critical diseases in Beijing (more than 150,000 patients and 1,6 million clinical samples)

? We have been responsible for the Research on Micro-transplantation Treating Senile Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, the first international multi-center clinical trial initiated by a Chinese hospital, i.e., 307 Hospital, and participated by multiple international centers including the Medical Center of Duke University, Blood Disease Research Center of Keck School of --Medicine of Southern California University, Fred Hutchinson Oncology Research Center of Washington University, and Puertade Hierro University Hospital of Spain).